Welcome to Voyage

Great financial advice starts with understanding your clients. Understanding your clients starts with quality data collection.

Voyage is the easy way to get all the right information from your clients without tedious forms, three hour meetings or sitting in uncomfortable silence as your new clients try very hard to remember exactly who their super is with.

What? No forms?

Who wants to be faced with a 45-page fact find?

No-one, that’s who. That’s why Voyage has been designed with both the planner and client in mind. There are just four screens for your clients to complete. And Voyage doesn’t ask any questions that they can’t answer.

Any gaps in the information?

Would you like us to fill those for you?

As an adjunct service, Voyage can chase up product providers to get all the details you need, so you can spend your time with clients, not on the phone.

Did someone ask about compliance benefits?

With all your client information online and easily viewable, file reviews are quicker and easier than in the past. Easily demonstrate you are meeting ‘best interest duties’ with minimal additional paperwork.

Take a look

We’ve worked hard to make Voyage as easy to navigate and use as possible.

Because there’s no point implementing a new solution and then having to spend hours explaining it to your clients.

What are you waiting for?

Your first fact find is complementary, so why not give it a go right now?